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Fontanini's unique blend of Old World craftsmanship and modern innovation has made classic Italian sculpture accessible to families everywhere. Thanks to the remarkable medium of polymer, each figure resists breakage yet reproduces the detail of Master Sculptor Elio Simonetti's original clay design.






Historically, nutcrackers were thought to bring good fortune.  Today, they are collected for their promise of value and enjoyment.  The nutcracker is typical of the craftsmanship coming out of the Erzegebirge (Ore Mountains) region as early as 1725.  Usually the nutcracker has a grim looking face, mocking the authority in times past.  Kings, policemen, foresters and military officers brought hardship to the people, and it was the woodcarvers way of making fun of those in authority by making them work cracking nuts.

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Smokers or Smoking Men

Designed to burn incense, these carved figures bring blessings to hearth and home.  The vents are often in the character's mouth, appearing as though the figure is smoking a pipe.  Smoking Men, or Rauchermann, are turned on a lathe, assembled, and painted all by hand.  Favorites among these are Father Christmas, toy peddlers, mushroom pickers, musicians, and fishermen.


"Pyramiden" as they are called in German, are the creations of the Erzegebirge craftsmen.  The miner and guardian angel figures are often depicted on the pyramids, representing the famous silver mining region.  Other scenes are of the nativity, angels, forest people and St. Nicholas.  The candles that provide the power to rotate the blades symbolize the safety provided by the miner's lights.

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Tomter (Swedish) & Nisser (Danish) Elves

Nisser have been living in Denmark since the world was young.  Every household knows about nisser who live among them.  They typically have red top hats, love animals (horses especially) play practical jokes and eat rice boiled in milk.  A rice pudding is a Danish dish served on Christmas Eve.  You'll find nisser adorning Christmas trees, placed on doors and in windows, on mantelpieces and in bookshelves.


Wendt & Kuhn Angels

Created over 80 years ago by Grete Wendt and Grete Kuhn, these figures continue to be highly cherished among collectibles.  The angel trademark are the eleven white dots on their green wings.  However, Wendt & Kuhn also create Santa figures and smaller angels with blue stripes on white wings.  There is a heavenly orchestra with more than 40 angels, each playing a different instrument.





Annalee Mobilitee Dolls

In the 1930's Barbara Annalee Davis created felt dolls on wire armature in her home as a hobby.  Later she made them for store window displays and it soon grew to be an industry phenomenon.  These dolls are highly collectible and bring smiles to young and old.  The collection includes mice, Mr. & Mrs. Santa, reindeer, people, bears, rabbits, and pixies to name a few.


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